Historic Shady Lane

History abounds at Historic Shady Lane. One year after George Washington took his first oath of office, the Hake family built a distillery above a spring-fed stream, which was essential for brewing whiskey and other spirits. That distillery was built on what would become Historic Shady Lane over 220 years later.  In 1825, the Hake family constructed a large stone farmhouse for their family. The estate passed through many hands, but none were arguably as great as its owner from 1905 to 1948.

Over one hundred years ago, Frederick Small, a Yale graduate, York industrialist, and the developer of York's Elmwood commmunity, purchased the estate grounds and farmland. Mr. Small owned a mansion in York City and used the estate for his summer home where his family could entertain their vast network of friends.

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In 1948, after Mr. Small had passed, his estate sold to a family from the Emigsville area who owned it until 2003. The estate at that time was used as a nature preserve and a private residence. Since then, the estate has been preserved through The Farm and Natural Land Trust and its new owners, Steve and Sue Kohr have been quietly restoring the buildings and grounds.

They began with the 1825 farmhouse, which became the busy center of activity for their four sons. After several years, the 1770 distillery was fully refurbished to become a private residence. And now the Brownstone Cottage built in 1911 by Frederick Small for his spinster sister, serves as the Cottage for the bridal suite and small parties. 

Each year, the Kohr family opens the estate to over 60 couples to host their weddings, and they also welcome small parties, showers and corporate events. 

Today, the estate is enjoying a new era. From family to family and into its third century, Historic Shady Lane welcomes you and your spouse, family, and friends to create your own history.

The Scene

With a sprawling 34 acres, your guests will be treated with historic stone backdrops, forests and gardens, and a gorgeous glass greenhouse. We have buildings from 3 different centuries on the estate, and each have a story to tell. With lush landscaped grounds, your ceremony will have a beautiful backdrop without having to purchase any extras! Let nature paint its own canvas. The stone and glass greenhouse offers panoramic views of the estate; host your intimate ceremony or event here, or have cocktail hour in this gorgeous feature.

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